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Moonz is an international group of clinics specialised in orthodontic care for children. At Moonz we are committed to providing the highest quality service to our patients, so that children as well as parents can live an unforgettable experience. At Moonz we strive to achieve excellence every day. More than 45,000 patients have had fun at our clinics located in Spain and the UK.

Child orthodontics

We provide orthodontic treatments aimed at children between the ages of six and twelve. This way, we can correct irregularities in the maxillary bones as well as in the position of the teeth.


At Moonz dental clinics we specialise in orthodontic treatments for young children and teens. However, we also administer orthodontic treatments for adults (braces, clear aligners…).

Paediatric dentistry

Our paediatric dentists are responsible for preventing, diagnosing and treating dental problems affecting children. Therefore, we specialise in treating problems that are more commonly experienced during infancy: cavities, trauma…

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